Monday, March 28, 2011

what I ate today 28.03.2011




But I cheated a little bit, I have to admit. I have had two cookies more and some chocolate more :S

all in all about 900 it's a refeed day :(

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Monday, march 28th

I did quite ok yesterday, esp. for being the first day. I haven't started so well today since I have had for breakfast already 300 calories (yesterday I had aout 400 altogether). Also today I'm off work, since I have worked on the weekend...and off-days are dangerous!I hope I manage ok. I'm also going to be either alone or with BFF but not with BF.... which normally helps me to not overeat.

I'm craving chocolate-muesli so much!!! This morning BF was having some and has offered me but... I have rejected cos I knew that then at home I was going to eat breakfast again. I'd really would like to buy chocolate muesli or granola....Maybe I could, just it is soooo difficult to dose! I tend to overeat, sometimes even binge :S on it.

I'm also craving ice-cream, vanilla ice-cream actually, since already some days....

Saturday, March 26, 2011

starting again

Sunday, March the 27th.




Actually about the chocolate: 2 times (so 4 pieces) it was white-chocolate and the other two times it was milk-chocolate.